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I’m new here but i’m an old user of Brave browser, i got a lot of resources about French Hip Hop Culture that i share for free, i’m graffiti writer and Hip Hop activist for the french community. In otherway i’m active and worker in the French Crypto Community. Welcome to you to discover the multiverse and support me if you are down with this !


Thank you so much for the 1st donator yesterday night who give me LTC :partying_face: it really feels good!!! sorry i was obligated to delete my first account today so i don’t know who you are but Thank you so much

Jowel_95ASU / Cryptocrew95
Hip Hop Culture Resources →www.jow-l.com
for beginners and Crypto Enthusiasts →www.globalblockchain.fr

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Thank you so much to support me!


In otherway, you can visit → www.zulunation.fr
to study Hip Hop Culture for Free and if you want, support me and my community to grow up if you are down with this too! ► PeaZe

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