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I’m new here, but i’m an old user of brave browser, i got a lot of resources about Hip Hop Culture on my websites if you want to learn or discover for free, and support me if you are down with this! I’m graphic designer for musical project, painter and crypto enthusiast, active member in the french community. Big up to the Brave Team and welcome everybody to enjoy the multiverse :raised_back_of_hand:

About my work → www.jow-l.com


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I think I remember seeing this logo on Steemit. Are you still on the platform? have you checked out Hive?

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Wow! you have a good memory! I have an account at steemit but I don’t have any content posted, and Hive I’ve heard about it on the French networks, but I haven’t studied the project completely yet. I’m going to visit your site, I’m still interested in music…

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awesome! well music, visual art and art in all its forms comes together in many different ways and occasions. I checked out your website and I see you’re still making beats, designs and documenting the history of french hip hop culture.
It would be cool to share and discuss these things with you my friend.

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your place and website are awesome too, it look very professional, I’ll look at your media to see the videos, let me get an idea. Indeed, I work in a label, we produce vinyl records, mainly Hip Hop, the producer is the first Dj in France to have organized the first party jam in the streets of Paris, like Dj Kool Herc in the USA, i manage all the visual communication and part of the network. So we produce old school styles… On the other hand, you can access a lot of archives. Of course we can exchange, with pleasure…

Just to say Thank you so much for all supporters who give me power! very nice

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I went to the studio today for the first time in almost 60 days. No clients. Just a little cleaning and watering the plants. I was thinking maybe you would be interested in displaying some of your art at our studio; we could write something about where the piece came from and anything else you would like to inlcude (maybe a crypto wallet address?) write me an email and we can make a video call: alex@recording-box.com

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Hello there!
I’m Carlos (a.k.a Guajiro or Rejiro). I live at La Guajira, Colombia.
Thanks for making this Topic about Hip-Hop. As i’m seeing, the Blockchain Community is growing fast and strong, nor the pandemic nor the international tension is going to stop the messages that we want to share.

Here is my Youtube Channel, there I’ve uploaded some of my first rap songs :musical_keyboard: . They’re all in Spanish so you fellas can improve your own.

Feel free, live free, and you’ll became freedom.