Hi newbiebhere need some advance for publisher job

Hi im new here in brave.
Feel free to comment here.
I need your advice and support.
Im new in this industry, i dont know how to be a publisher and i dont know what exactly the publisher doing.
I already link my uphold account and youtube channel on brave… all i need to know is what exactly they do to earn.
Thanks in advance


Thanks to your helpful tip.

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It’s quite simple — create and publish something that solves for somebody’s need, problem, or desire. Once you do that successfully, there is always a way to monetize your content, e.g. via Brave rewards from followers.

If you just publish content without a goal and target group in mind, people won’t look for it, won’t find it, and ultimately it won’t be possible to create revenue.

Find your niche, create consistently, attract users, offer solutions.


Well Said!!! Brave goes with any niche.

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