Hi From Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi Brave Community,

My name is Keegan Francis and I am co-founder of the Atlantic Blockchain Company. We do crypto and blockchain consulting for companies locally, and in some niche areas in the world.

We frequently promote and talk about Brave when we give presentations or lectures. We had more than 30 presentations in 2019, and were really happy to promote, and spread the benefits of the Brave Browser.

Happy to be a part of this community.

Check out our site and leave a tip :smiley:


Hey @Keegan-ABC, welcome to the forums!

Do you have specific industries you are focusing on?

So glad you’re promoting Brave!

Does your company have a YouTube channel? I went looking for it on your webpage, but didn’t see anything. (If you do, make sure it’s verified.)

Do you do anything that’s not private consulting? Demos? Webinars?

Also, sent you a tip :smile:

Hi @Dan, we’re focusing quite a lot on education in our region at the moment. It is our intention to begin going digital with our content. In the last year, we’ve put together a good repository of material that we think a broader audience will appreciate.

Private Consulting Yes. Demos Yes. Webinars Absolutely.

Industries we have an interest in/currently working in:

Crypto: Gaming/Gambling, DeFi
Blockchain: Supply Chain for Food

Appreciate the tip! We would love some merch from Brave to promote at our events. How do we go about getting some promotional material?

Hi @Keegan-ABC – you can PM me about merch or promotional material and we can see what’s a fit there.

What you’re doing sounds great. How often do you host webinars? Do you think it may be a bit for our community here?

Hi Dan, let me know what the best method to reach out to you is. I would love to talk about promotional material.

We are in the process of designing our webinars. We’ve have stuck with in-person training sessions and presentations until now. We’ve got great reception with telling people about Brave, so we’re ready to take things to the online/broadcast market.