Hi from Melbourne

Gday!! Used and supported brave since beginning and is one of my portfolio coins. Looking to expand bat if possible and meet like minded crypto ppl!


Hi from Barstow CA USA! I don’t know anything about Bitcoin or even BAT. I have been using Brave a while and do all secure work on it.

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Hello there!

How did you come across Brave? Check your setting on top right and hopefully youve had brave ads turned on. If you do and have been clicking on the pop-ups you should have some BAT tokens which are worth $$

Original Melbourne community post can be found here.

Nice to meet you @sohvon

Nice meeting you Xan! What year are you in for your engineering studies? If you are interested in earning more free crypto or learning i could probably point you in the right direction. im apart of the largest crypto group in australia and have been since i started over 2 years now. i have a commerce degree double majoring in accounting and finance. i am happy to margin trade and finally utilise my finance skills which the banks i once wanted to work for never accepted me due to a criminal record dating back nearly 20 years now!

Welcome to the BAT & Brave community!