Henlo from Europe, wow

Henlo BATmen/women/nonbinary,

I registered for a while now, but I have not posted, or commented yet.
My name is Zsolt, and I have been browser-hopping just as much as I have been distro hopping, as a Linux user.

I believe in data protection, privacy, data ownership, etc. The whole bunch.
I would rather use services of the Fediverse, or the dAppverse (we should use this term, honestly), than Big Company options - looking at you awkward-water-drinking-Zuckerberg.
As a European I am also a proponent of something I call “European data patriotism”, as in using European services instead of, well, non-European. Wherever I can, I will migrate as much as possible.

I know that Brave and Uphold are not European, so there is some room to swing, when necessary.

Currently I’m struggling with the Linux Foundation’s Cloud Bootcamp training. It was given as a gift, with the promise that I will finish it, and earn a certification.

However, due to COVID, my salary has been reduced during the local lockdown, and there are other uncertainties. I hope to collect some spare change via BAT. I will give some too, as my budget allows.

Let’s see how this goes.

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You are welcome to the Brave!