Help with Brave Crypto Wallet

I recently logged into the brave “crypto wallet” and since I did I haven’t been able to interact with dapps through metamask. So now I want to log out of my ether wallet on brave but it is not allowing me, seems to be a bug. I click “logout” then type in my password, and once I hit enter I get taken right back to the wallet page every time still logged in.

Help would be much appreciated so I can go back to the decentralized web!

Be patient bro… The reward well come in 1 week when you always using it or you can start when the bot message you in you account

Hey @Taylor – Our staff for troubleshooting exists at – can you post this there? They can help!

When you’re all straightened out, can you come back and tell us a bit more about what you’re doing with Metamask and dapps, perhaps in our crypto, blockchain, and other discussion area?

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Hey Dan,

I followed the link you sent me and it is unclear where I can post my problem there because it takes me to the BAT creators account login. So I logged in and still can’t seem to find where to post my support question. Sorry for taking a while to respond, I just finished up finals.