[ Help! ] Can't find my BAT tokens!

So when I open my brave browser is see that I have 7.10 BAT = 1.30 USD in the estimated pending rewards but nothing is in my wallet!!! How can I add money to my wallet so I can maybe withdraw?

Hey @Th3-R3d-R0ck-12,

Pending rewards will power your wallet when payout time will come (5th of January). About your actual state of wallet: did you have any BAT there? They could disappear if they were get as grants from Brave. Those have an expiration date and are supposed to be sent in tips to content creators before their expiration. If you want to add money, you can use “add funds” button. But, in my opinion, it’s weird to add them only to withdraw.

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So can you explain more what is the best action to take?

But what are you asking about? If about those 7.10 BAT pending, then you just need to wait for payout, which will take place at 5th of January (I told that in post above and you have it on your screenshot).

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