Hello from Serbia

Hi brave community. Been using brave for some time now, but just registered at the forum, didn’t even know about it until brave ad showed :blush:
I’m an IT administrator here in Serbia, so I must say that because of the nature of my job, I was able to get you guys at least 30-40 more users in last few months, by installing and recommending your browser instead of chrome, and everyone’s reaction was more than positive. Good job at making brave, and all the best in the future. And I will continue spreading the word :+1:


Welcome @stojshic :wave::slight_smile:
And thank you for spreading a word about Brave in Serbia.

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Welcome on board :+1:


hi everyone, after finting BRAVE to replace google i found library to start replacing youtube… as we all know alot of contemt on youtube is being deleted, that is not the case on library, it’s still new, earn LBRY tokens for making the platform grow and start replacing google and youtube with BRAVE and LIBRARY,
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