Hello From My End

Hello there,

Am new here, my name is Omaa, i am from Nigeria,
i am a musician and i like trying out new things around tech…
Thank You…

Hi welcome to the BAT community @kvngomaa

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Its an honor to be here

Very welcomed, bro
Am also a Nigerian


Nice to meat (meet) you here my blooda :grinning:


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Hello Omaa! Welcome to BAT Community.
I am also a musician, from Colombia :colombia:
What kind of music :musical_keyboard: do you make? We could create some good stuff together.


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Hello @conclave !
Thanks for reaching out,i make afrobeats, afropo, afrofusion, in other words i make all genre. I would be glad if we create some good stuff together.

You can find my new release on my profile

My Spotify URI: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3hSVmhtYLMsq75lb3EMZKN

I await your reliable response,