Hello from Melbourne, Australia

I am a 21 yo engineering student at La Trobe University.
I have been following the brave browser development for a few years now. started using it full time this year when they moved to chromium. I have made 20$ AUD from a few grants and referrals. saving it for when more creators join the club.

My favorite verified creator is Steve Mould, his YouTube channel (below) is incredibly interesting and covers a variety of science topics. I love the edutainment scene on YT!
Video rec:( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5cR6EA2jGY&t=455s )


Hello to Melbourne from Mount gambier sa


Hi, I’m from Melbourne also. Anyone aware of BAT meetups in Melbourne?


Hi from the Burdekin Nth Qld.


We should do one!
Do you have any friends on the platform or with a place we could host a meetup?


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Yes indeed there should be one! :slight_smile: Have some places in mind and have some users of brave browser however not many still know of BAT. Building an agenda would be great to start till working out “when and where”. Something like the present capabilities (very simple) and future prospects for BAT. From that some open conversation could happen. Could make for a great session and offer a lot of value for those that are entirely new to the space. Any templated agenda out there? Appreciate may not be the thread for this conversation, can be taken elsewhere.

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Could we do a chat meeting… Get it going between libraries or community groups. Virtual contact. So many are so far from anywhere