Hello from London, UK

Hi all. I’m a web dev and loving the Brave Browser/BAT combo. Have been a fan of both from the beginning but only just found this forum. Crazy eh?

Loving where BAT is going, the fact that you can tip pretty much anyone is such a great concept. And tipping sites through the Brave browser is why I’m still here. I can finally give back. I’ve taken the time to email sites I use frequently and guide them towards the publisher site, fingers crossed they sign up!


Hi, I wish my site can get tip pretty ,Can I try from your idea?:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Awesome @knothole! It’s awesome that you’re emailing your favorite publishers to get them to sign up!! Who are the publishers you’d like to see sign up?

And what brought you to use Brave/BAT?

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