Hello BAT people! [from South UK]

I’ve been using Brave and BAT pretty much since the launch, it’s easily the best browser out there. I’m trying to push adoption as much as I can, I guess I’m a true believer lol
I’ve started blogging again, and decided to launch with a piece on Brave/BAT.

Anyway, greetings to you all from Oxfordshire UK, and have a nice day!


Greetings @KieranAlexis!

You’re an OG! :sparkles: Have you been part of the community since the early days too? :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your writeup. I’ll be sure to check it out!

Hi Jennie :slight_smile:
He he, no, I always stayed on the periphery I guess - I was in music for a long time, so I was always into software and keeping up - Atari 520 onwards etc . . but i did have a ZX81 back in the day, so it’s always been there one way or another!

Hi @KieranAlexis!

Like you, I’ve been using BAT and Brave since launch, and I’ve recently started to become more active in the space again!

Good job on the well written post! I commented there, but yeah I really liked your point about BAT contributions/tips being one of ways the general crypto user/hodler can actually spend their crypto easily and safely instead of just hoarding. :slight_smile:

I think BAT and Brave as a whole can really drive the adoption needed, and in the right way, for bigger social and economic paradigm changes to happen. I’ve written about this sometime back in a longer piece on Bitcoin (warning: not a blog post), in case you or anyone else is interested. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Jerald, thanks for the positive comments :sunny:
Glad to hear it resonated, and yeah I agree about Brave . . thanks for the link, I’ll give it a read later. I’ll leave a comment at publishox as well.
All the best!