Hello, a new cub has entered the pride. :D

Just saying hi to people here. :slight_smile: I’m Zain, excited to work with people here and earn together and support one another.


Hi welcome to the BAT community @ZainDeveras


Hi Zain. Pretty new too. Hopefully we learn and connect.


Hi welcome to the BAT community :grinning:


Same here, same here. I like the idea of browsing and getting paid for you attention. Hahaha.

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Yea it’s a cool concept and seems to be the way of the future. Made 12 BAT so far in the past week. We will see what happens next. :desert_island:

I don’t recall when I’ve started using this browser. But I think it’s last week as well. Wow, you’re way ahead of me. Hahaha. Got only like 3 BATs. xD Are you browsing pretty much the whole day?

I am always on my computer. Creating websites, doing graphics, editing film, etc. The BAT’s add up quick. Before you know it there will be more. I also signed up with Blockgeeks. They give blocks based on the videos you watch, which can be traded for crypto. There will be a lot of companies jumping on board as time goes on. :moneybag:

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Ahh, so that’s why your BAT has jumped up so quickly. Haha. I’ll take a look at blockgeeks at a later time.

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