[Guide] Brave Rewards Account Setup

By creating a Brave Rewards account and verifying your websites and channels, you can start accepting user contributions and begin monetizing your content.

If you already have a Brave Rewards account, you can skip ahead to the next guide and verify your website, YouTube or Twitch account.

You can also watch the full Brave Rewards setup guide on YouTube.

Step 1: Get Started


Navigate to https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/ and select Get Started.

Step 2: Email Address

Type the email address you would like to register your account with and click Get Started .

Step 3: Email Sent


The access link will be sent to your email account. You will need to log in and verify your email address before proceeding to the next step.

Important: The access link may take a few minutes to appear. Also, make sure to check your spam folder.

Step 4: Email Verification

The email is titled “Brave Rewards Creators Invitation". Open the email, and click the Very Email button which will redirect you to the final steps.
You can also copy and paste the hyperlink located at the bottom of the email into your address bar if the verify button doesn’t work.

Important: Brave does not require you to create a login username or password. Whenever you need to access your rewards account, you can enter your email address into the login page, and Brave will send you an access link.

Step 5: Additional Information

Type your full name and select Sign Up .

Step 6: Two-Factor Authentication

2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) is an additional security layer for your Brave Rewards account. In the event your email account is compromised, and someone attempts to access your Brave Rewards dashboard, 2FA enabled will require the attacker to provide additional details before gaining access.
This step can be skipped and returned to later from within your Brave Rewards dashboard.

Step 7: Success

Congratulations, you have now successfully created a Brave Rewards account. The next step is to add your website, YouTube or Twitch channel, so you can start accepting user contributions!


I first installed Brave on my desktop, and then used the brave://sync/ feature to create a QR code for syncing mobile installations. So my wallet creation occurred on a desktop, and I was able to print out the seed phrase so that I could store it in a safe place quite straightforwardly. If I need to do this again, I can access brave://rewards/ and click on the gear next to “Your Wallet” to view the seed – when I’m on a desktop. Last weekend, I guided a friend in installing Brave on her phone, and I could not find this feature on the mobile version. Is there any way, other than installing Brave on her desktop (which I have encouraged her to do), that she can immediately view her wallet seed phrase on mobile so that she can write it down?

Hi @josemonero, unfortunately users cannot backup or restore wallets on Brave Android. This feature will be added in the near future, including wallet sync (between multiple devices). We will announce this update at the BAT Community and also through our other social sites.

So stay tuned! Let me know if this answers your query.


Yes, that answers my question. I will advise her to install on her desktop, and I will watch out for updates. Thanks!

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