Greetings from Singapore

Hi everyone, haven’t seen any introductory posts from anyone from Singapore yet surprisingly, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one here (right? :sweat_smile:).

I’m currently working in healthcare, but am looking to move to software product management. Outside of work, I am also an environmental activist/changemaker.

I first got to know about BAT and Brave during the ICO hype in 2017/2018, which turned my attention back to crypto, but since I first read about blockchain technology I have primarily been interested in how it can decentralize and democratize power. I think BAT is an important part of this movement through rerouting power back to creators and consumers outside of the traditional system running on private/political revolving doors.

Would be keen to get involved with the regional leaders program in Singapore once it is revamped! :slight_smile:

Also happy to chat about social impact / change, environmentalism, public health and healthcare, activism, and product management!