Greetings from California

Im brian :star_struck: still trying to register my website for brave rewards. Help?

Welcome, @bbbburn!

Did you already create your account? This help article may help


P.S. DNS record is easier IMHO.

Yea i did i just cant seem to get it to work

Which method that you used to verify your site? Also, what kind of “not working”?

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Option 1 with the txt file but im struggling and I’m want to get it verified:(

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:point_up: Can you try the DNS verification instead of .txt file @bbbburn ?

Hi @bbbburn – I noticed your website doesn’t seem to be up at the moment.

If you continue to have issues, I’d like to point you here. Our Brave Community has our tech support personnel available to help with these type of issues, and can take a deeper look if needed.