Greetings BAT Community! Love the project, and I believe it has a bright future!

I’m Bradley, and I love BAT. My awareness of blockchain began in ~2011 - in those earlier days I was mostly a lurker and occasional trader. Over time I became directly involved with a project that gained my respect and continues to; I am a Syscoin Foundation board member. My professional background involves 20+ years IT including enterprise database development and analytics for a Fortune 500. I am a results-oriented person focused on real utility value. I love the original ideals that gave blockchain value to begin with - decentralization, permissionless-ness, transparency, etc… which I feel a growing number of projects are losing sight of today.

What drew me to BAT are all of those, plus the consistent ideals, a solid use case, and a product that was delivered as promised and works. That makes BAT one of the few shining lights.

I’m convinced BAT has a bright future.

One thing that is important to me is that BAT scales into the future. I have done work on an integration that enables BAT to accomplish this while gaining a bitcoin-core-compliant security model and simultaneously continue with Ethereum mainnet. I think that’s particularly cool for BAT, considering BAT would have chosen Bitcoin had it been viable at the time. So it’s a “best of all worlds” thing. I will talk more about that in the ‘Technical > Ideas & Integrations’ category soon.

Anyway, all the best!