Got your BAT token grants? 🥰

Hey guys received your BAT token grants? Don’t miss it.


Indeed, great incentive to try out the donation feature and free BAT for your favourite creators. Excellent.


This time I got the token grant. :grin:


First grant I received great way to tip creators


hmm, no. Not yet. Are there any achievements or things I need to have done to qualify? I have had the browser active for about a month and have received my first BAT token payment into Uphold.

I am not sure if you have missed it or if it’s still there. Might wanna check the “triagle bat” icon on your browser. 20 bat is still something. :slight_smile:

Guys you can use your token grants for tipping BAT verified publishers. After all, tis the season of giving. Let’s hope for more token grants to come :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::partying_face::pray: crossing fingers


Got em​:point_up: 5 BAT this round of grants​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: who wants em? You can read/ tip me on Twitter… where can I see y’alls content!? :bulb:

@auber262 Just have Brave Rewards turned on in the browser and you’re good to go!

@markramos118991 That’s the best way to use BAT right now. Find your favorite creators and publishers. Tip them! And If they’re not part of Brave Rewards, refer them to the program so they can pick up their tips!


It’s good but how someone can cash it ? Just sharing to each other