Google's pop-up from Gmail about this forum

I know it is not a Suspicious link but why Google is making all this shit

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Because algorithms. It’s not like Google’s employers manually checked this domain as “untrusted”. There is just some bot, who thought that, and we know, that computers are not perfect in such works.

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What are your DNS ? Google with ? Use Cloudfare for first DNS :, no warning :wink:


How to setup correct DNS

Which system? I’m with Linux… If your are with Windows, there are several tutos about it with Google/DuckDuckGo, Qwant…

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Im using Microsoft and Google

But Bot’s were trained by Google.

Try this one if your have Windows 10 :
Or this one for 7/8/10 :

Use Cloudfare DNS : and or OpenDNS if you want…

Good luck! :wink:

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