Giving BAT to any Github Project or Team


So imagine that someone loves NPM. Which lives here
And they REALLY love and can’t live without a little project that uses NPM such as Brave Ad-Block. Which lives here

How would giving BAT to opensource projects on Github work?
What technical challenges are there if any?
Furthermore, if someone really loves Github itself and wants to give Nate and his team some BAT love, should they be allowed to?


This is a great idea, and something I’d love to see implemented either via Github or some other method.

If you like the project, ideally you could have them become verified publishers for their own web page and tip them directly.

Another thing I’d like to see (and I think it’s done elsewhere, but I can’t find it) is offering some sort of bounty for issues to be fixed or features to be implemented. E.g. if your project doesn’t have dark mode but people want it, vote with BAT to make it happen.


@thadguidry Interestingly enough, the following popped up in a Brave Ad today when using the desktop browser:


That’s a great idea!

One of the things that I find so cool about BAT is that it can work on top of any platform, like it already does on Twitch and YouTube. I’m sure the team will eventually build it to work on basically every major platform involving user generated content.

I personally can’t wait for Medium integration, but GitHub is super exciting to imagine too!

BAT truly is a whole new way to fund or appreciate anything digital :small_red_triangle: :lion:

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Medium would be excellent. :smiley:

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