Force first notification as an example

Hello community!

Recently I saw that some people had this problem not getting Brave ads after getting a new PC and installing Brave. Apparently the fix to this for most of them was just to force a first notification using a tool like this one. (It was my case)

So I was thinking, maybe it could be a great idea that when you enable Brave Rewards for the first time (action), it shows a test notification saying “hey, this is what it will look like when you get an ad!” (reaction), similar to what we get on mobile if I remember well. This way it would also prevent the problem I was raising above.


it already exists my dear.

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Oh okay thank you :slight_smile:

What about the problem I’m talking about tho? If this isn’t solving the problem right now, it still is a good idea to rework it so that it acts like the tool I have presented, am I right?

i guess the following link might help :

Everyone get first brave notification when he or she opens the browser for the first time. Yet u can watch it over again.