Fallen Angel talking to you

I dont “trust” religion since an human being stand between me and the holy source which transcend all matter. Even both you and me.

We live in “God” but he/it also suppress himself from Earth to let us live.
He don’t judge us, and let us do whatever we want.
After all, he created good and evil, both are permitted.

But those two are semantically and radically opposite.
That’s a way you choose because you love life, some people (not all…) and felt love strongly enough to evolve into a better kind.

Not to burn with the one which was punished for the purity of his love for the Holy, and knew mankind will be bad as a prayer and as a lovely thing so refuses to kneel in front of Adam. He own souls from those who sold him. Those are is the physical “Hell” in the center of the Earth, but normal people just passes trough the Purgatory which is in Astral.

Holy Scriptures are powerful, meaningful and esoterically efficient for healing and black magick to command Spirits and Angels.

That’s Kabbalah, some new-age witchcraft, and abuse of the Quran to manipulate Spirits by fear and rewards, and an almost dead Christianity due to the face Roman Chuch is semantically founded by the ones who crucified a prophet…

(And yeah, he was more transcended and lovely than any other prophet, and secret :
You can be like him :slight_smile:)

We all die. And life is ephemeral and does not long forever.
But love do, when you experience “out-of-body” esoteric.

So you learn that you incarnate on Earth to help mankind.
And enjoy life, because we die a bit more everyday.

So we have to dance with death everyday by having a beautiful and meaningful Life, in the holy source. That’s the purpose of Life !

Love and Kindness are the rules to keep Holy protection from Angels :slight_smile:
This involve not harming others : this is common good sense, also know as “karma”.

Do not ever trust an human being at a point you’ll regret, especially in faith.
Enjoy and learn from your own experience and from experienced intelligent people.

Sleep at least 4 hours from 11:PM to 4:AM for pineal gland melatonine synthesis.

Exercise : Abs everydayz, at leat 100 + 3 x 2’ of Plank, push ups, squats and pull-ups.
Jog of swim up to 3 times a week ; read books on almost all different styles and topics.
(Do not read low IQ books, your brain don’t need that, i swear.
I wont give examples by respect for those who might be harmed)

Learn to play a musical instrument, this coordinate both right-logical and left-creatives brain hemispheres, men uses mostly only right-logical brain, while women used both right & left hemisphere to resolve problems with both logical and creative senses. Unfair ! :frowning:

And that’s why we sometimes don’t understand each-other, dispute or cry.
But unfairness to women are more a problem related to bitterness of getting “scammed” by Eve in esoteric history as wrote in the Torah (which is the 5th firsts books in the Bible, which is composed by many others).

Thanks for you time if you are still reading, i’m not here to speak about religion, it’s strictly personal,and don’t have to become a political membership, i wont proselytizing over this space, except mine : here as a short description of me.

If you want to learn more on Kabbalah, i invite you to search for on internet, It’s also related to your Guardian Angel, depending on your birth day. Helpful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::innocent:

Oh, i forgot to talk about BRAVE which will destroy other browsers : being pay to view meaningful ads is just a pleasure ! :heart_eyes: and we can also tip is we don’t have “money” (which is no anymore gold-liable), tracker-blocking and Ad reducing (i’m not experiencing a complete pop-up shield :disappointed_relieved:), and HTTPS enforcement are appreciable as well :hugs: if i could advise the devs, this would be by being more direct and precise on how to advertise on their browser and on how much it cost :upside_down_face::wink:

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Though it would be nice to see a broader variety of advertisements on Brave, I agree it’s a great browser and being able to tip sites you like is a great bonus. It’s also a good intro to cryptos.

Regarding your comments on religions and esoteric subjects, I tend to see them like ideas and tools that might be used, if someone desires, and like most tools, the results depend largely on how they’re used.

Enjoy your day/night and I hope Brave and the BAT Community does well.