"Eyepatch Time"

Just boys making sketch comedy videos on their time off. Which eventually turned them off each other, seriously enough to become about conception itself. Measuring contests are of no concern to me, anymore. Despite being born with so much I’ve realized that the only way to be genuinely personally kind to anyone at all is by speaking their language. :love_you_gesture: If there’s attention to be given, I’ve been trained to give it to a fault. One bad influence I will never escape would have me believe it to be true. As a man who’s done with “experimenting”, I’m ready to meet my child self and say goodbye, as recommended by all those books a caring mother should read. When there is any kind of accounting, on any spiritual level, don’t look busy, I will know that I lived vying to become “Federated”. To learn to ride Mastodons, in case elephant rides ever come back into style at the Renaissance festival where I spent most of my time as a boy, doing work for others so they could spend their time “getting into character”. I could fill my gas tank, jump my battery, and get there now, but this is bat country. We can’t stop here. When interest compromises a symbiotic stalemate.

Riding a Wild Elephant to Hell,

  • Honestly “Laz”