Extensions blocking Brave privacy respecting ads

Hi. I don’t want to create controversy about the knowledge of the original poster and his answer about the matter at hand, but get other opinions from other coders and programmers, so to get this down to science. I want to get a second opinion.

I use just a few add-ons, extensions, for professional work in Brave. Those extensions block Brave privacy respecting ads? By Brave privacy respecting ads he means that ads that don’t spy on your info are getting blocked? So all of them. Edit: (so most of Brave ads are getting blocked if I use extensions? While other ads that have a more relaxed philosophy, about extensions, that still don’t “spy”, on you, are getting thru?)

The thread where this was discussed: https://forum.batcommunity.org/t/for-beginner-how-to-earn-bat/7643/2

Thank You.

Es decir que esos anuncios nos espían? o lo sugieres como una teoría

Hola. Hablo ingles aca para que la mayoria nos entiendan (East Europe, Europe, Asia, Us and Canada, Africa, etc) Sino avisame y te respondo en espaniol al igual. :v::+1:

No, not at all the ads. Those come from Brave platform and they are totally kosher, as to say. Those keep things private, there are several articles where the People at Brave explain how they do it. We were talking about 3rd party Browser extensions, add-ons, like the ones you get from the Chrome Web Store.

As far as I know, when you install an extension, or add-on, on your browser, it can see some of your information. I used Brave for months without extensions because of this, but there were some that I just couldn’t work or use a browser without. So I decided to take the risk. It’s very hard to keep privacy and data safe these days.

Maybe Brave can do something about extensions checking up on your browsing history and private data?

What I think the original poster was saying, is that because some extensions do “spy” on your browsing behavior, some adds don’t appear.

But I do know close to nothing about these things, that’s why I was asking the opinion of some one who has academic knowledge about it.

There’s no extensions that can block Brave Ads because Brave Ads is appears as system notification.

I’m not sure because he not specifically said “which extension/s”.