Expect The Positive From Covid-19

World Wide Positive Outlook To expect From Covid-19

During times of turmoil it is always difficult for humans to think in a different direction.

So what can we already see and expect on the positive side of this epidemic.

Here is a few, surely there will be many more.

Pollution has dropped dramatically, look over China already other areas in the world will follow.

Rivers and estuaries are starting to become cleaner example Sicily.

Streets, buildings, walkways are being cleaned at a enormous rate, hope the world will continue with that.

People are becoming more hygienic.

A new way of working environments.

A lot of companies and people are now working from home, the effects of this can be:-

Why not always in the future.

This will create less traffic and road congestions, less pollution and less frustrations of people and less stress and heart attacks and road rage and noise pollution.

Better city and road planning will come from this enhancing the positive benefits.

Less office space or better utilisation of offices and buildings, using less electricity, water and creating less rubbish for a cleaner and better environment.

More cost effective , people don’t have to stay in big cities and commute.

Even teachers for schools and lectures are also working from home at this stage so why not prolong this practise, so all students don’t always have to go school maybe just certain days. Even less commuting and spreading of deceases.

This will hopefully encourage governments for faster internet systems.

I am sure this is just a few ideas and suggestions and the community will have a lot more.