Electroneum now offer 120 different countries cell phone top ups

Electroneum have been successfully following through on their 2020 roadmap. They opened their AnyTask (fivver like) freelance service in January to great success thus far.

Also this week they opened up cell phone top-ups to over 120 different countries worldwide. I’m in Canada and there are eight different companies I can top up my plan with ETN. The prices are essentially the same as if I were to pay in cash.

Electroneum focus on the unbanked and its these kind of positive changes that encourage me most in the blockchain community. I hope you all mine your ETN Rewards on the iOS or Android apps.

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@Mattydevine Very true. My only regrets was to sell when the price was pumped to buy it back later in future.

it’s the second cryptocurrency I’ve bought and brings me complete satisfaction.