Earnings from Ads to Uphold Deposit Time

Recently verified uphold wallet (2 days ago) and have received a creator tip (instantly went into my uphold wallet). I still have earnings from ads (not estimated pending rewards) which have not gone to my Uphold account - is there a certain time that this transfer happens?

I know that Estimated pending rewards transfer on the 5th of every month, now that I have a verified uphold account, will it automatically send to my Uphold account on the 5th of next month?


This is what I’ve found to be the case. I accumulated rewards over multiple months and saw the funds transfer to Uphold on the 5th of November. I reached out to Uphold support in October after verifying my wallet to understand why I did not see an immediate transfer. I was told that I should see the funds in my Uphold account by the 2nd week of November, which is exactly what happened.

FWIW I verified wallets on two machines and both transferred funds to the same account on 11/5/19.

Interesting - thank you for the insight. I’m guessing that because I activated the wallet after the 5th of this month, that both my Estimated pending rewards and Earnings from Ads (which is under my Rewards Summary Nov 2019) will be sent to my Uphold account on December 5th.

Can anyone confirm?

Tips/etc. are sent out monthly. If you missed the payout window this month, you’ll have to wait until the following month.

You mentioned you received a creator tip. Perhaps you want to share the property you verified (website, YouTube, etc.) in our promotion area of the forum?