Earning Bat - turn on ad block ads or not? Q&A

A question and answer about BAT ads from reddit i think might be helpful

ANSWERED by Krylan:
BAT ads you are reffering to are not “blocked ads and tracking code”. What Brave Shield (lion icon) is blocking are current ads on websites. If you successfuly opted in Brave Rewards (BAT/triangle icon) you can see the ads in form of OS notification. Of course, there is no guarantee, that you will see them a lot, as it depends on advertisers and country they are targetting. This project is still developing, so there are not so many advertisers with active ad campaigns right now.

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@markramos118991 it’s nice to see my own comment from Reddit here, but please mark that as quotation and provide link to the post.


Did a good job with your answer @Krylan cant help myself but share it. Edited it and mentioned yer name :wink: Apologies for not mentioning yer name right away bro. Didnt stated it was mine tho.

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Well done @Krylan! Are you pretty active on Reddit?

Yeah, I’m trying to answer people’s questions about Brave and BAT. I’m also active on web development subreddit.

@Krylan Generally, do you tip people on Reddit, or do you do it in other places?
And, if I can ask, which web development sub-reddits? Is that what you do for a living?

I found few interesting people/projects on reddit, so I tipped them, but through their official websites, which were verified.
I’m subscribed to r/webdev and r/web_design subreddits for information about developing a websites and UI/UX. And yeah, web development is not only my passion, but also a job :slight_smile:

@Krylan – Amazing! Glad you like what you do, that’s always a plus. :smiley:

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