EARN more BAT while viewing videos with Coinbase! 😎

Hey guys, earn BAT while learning. EARN more BAT while viewing videos with Coinbase! :sunglasses:

Don’t forget to join the queue and ger “wait listed” and if you are lucky enough, you wil
ll get some token while learning. Each short clip has a quiz you have you to answer. Don’t fret im sure they’re a piece of cake for you. :wink:

Freshen up your knowledge bout other cryptos too while earning, as they are available too!
You can actually view the vids even while on waiting list (but without the credit) nevertheless, its gonna be worth your time. :star_struck: Enjoy!


Dont know much about coinbase but i do really appreciate their lessons about cryptos.
The videos are well done and easy to understand, even for non native english speaker.


True that, man. Glad they now have BAT on of their lessons.


I was watched whole videos but the reward still in wait list. It was almost a month. Anyone can explain why?

Depends of your country i think, I had to wait more than a month I think (in France)
Depends also of the course itself, it was longer for DAI than for BAT if I remember well.

Since I am talking about that, I would like to leave here my links for the EOS and Stellar courses (3 guests available for each :stuck_out_tongue: ).

EOS : https://coinbase.com/earn/eos/invite/hdwzg6j3
XLM : https://coinbase.com/earn/xlm/invite/s3xwhz6b

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Coinbase says there is no more BAT :frowning_face:
everything else only took a few days and all i require now is EOS and XLM referrals which is proving more difficult than finding free Crypto.

5x EOS referrals: https://coinbase.com/earn/eos/invite/qnz403b1
5x XLM referrals: https://coinbase.com/earn/xlm/invite/rg4c396n

Is this still valid? I noticed the site said

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arrgh it looks like it’s too late for BAT now, give a try to the other ones :slight_smile:

Those are affiliate links @DIDIER. While it doesn’t affect people using the links, it seems like you should disclose this.

Anyway, Coinbase offers a number of free cryptocurrencies up to €130 (I think about €80 comes from affiliate links ). In my case, I don’t bother with the affiliated links but I still managed to earn €50 for watching a few videos and taking some very easy multiple-choice questions. With the exception of Dai, I found it very easy to claim the coins.

You can find the full list of available coins here - https://www.coinbase.com/earn

Note that Zcash and Ox are listed but it appears as if the promotion has ended for these. The availability of other coins might be restricted to certain regions.

BAT was also over last time i checked :wink:

All BAT were already claimed and i bet they wont give out more anytime soon. Still, you can join the queue and watch the videos. :slight_smile:

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I have just started doing the videos thing. I kinda like it. Was unaware, however, that this was strill going on.

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First it said bat was all claimed. Then I didn’t think about it, was just looking at BAT on coin base, like pricing, market cap, etc. And below it it said do you want to earn some bat by taking the lessons. So I did and it worked. Tried it also for the others that were already claimed, zcash and ox, but that didn’t work.

Hi. I have been in the waiting list for more than 2 month and nothing has happened. I didn’t see or did any questionnaire just saw the videos. That’s how I arrived here at brave I was first at coinbase . I even downloaded brave and have been using since but didn’t get anything in coinbase.

yea the Coin base EARN waiting list can be painful, only thing i could suggest is to check every day if you made it to the selection, as they fight with fake accounts and so on. but maybe using invite links helps

my invites

still 5 invites left on my account… probably never get them filled

But there are also other ways for finding free cryptocoins

happy hunting

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Coinbase is a nice platform but it is currently not operating full in many African countries, I like their services though.

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Here you can use this Coinbase Earn link (never used) to jump the queue:


And for Stellar XLM

Hi All

Jump the Queue with my Referral.
In fact you get $10 starting credit, and over $40 worth of Coins

Limited Slots Available for the Extra $10

Orchid OXT


Hi Mark, how long is the wait typically?