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Thank you Stephen for welcoming me to the Brave/BAT Community

Hi there everybody

My name is Rifca and I from the Netherlands…

I am very new with crypto currencies, faucets etc.

To be honest not really sure “yet”

I am a very curious person who loves learning new things :slight_smile:
But to be even more honest …getting pretty exciting by the thought making free cash on the internet!!!

A friend sent me a link, check this site out about free crypto btccash faucets etc
So while i was checking the link my curiousity started to grow and started to browse some more on the sites on internet to try to understand it all.
And there it was your offer to use a Brave browser with BAT/rewards etc
So here I am ““Pretty Excited””

Best regards



hello Rivca just like started already to learn about crpto and also earn some of them if you are interested can teach you some of what i learned already


You can never learn too much, i still need to learn so much! :slight_smile:


hello there i wish you ll the luck in the world
but remember this golden advice about crypto;
never spend more than you can lose


that’s right i will never stop learning at least earned some money in those hard days


hi guys, i am really new to brave browser and a community like this, still i enjoy earning BAT … loved it

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Hello guys, I’m also a newbie with Brave, more than a month and I found it super nice and it’s cool to stop viewing pop-ups and ads all the time. And when I do I win BAT :smiley:

Welcome, @Rivca.
Learning things for the first time is really hard. But if you have the passion to learn and seek what your looking for in the crypto world. I promise you that you can reach the pinnacle of success in the crypto world.

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