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When I read an e-mail using the Gmail client for iOS, and it contains a weblink, the client can perform only one of two actions: Open in Chrome, or Open in Safari. Open in Brave, or any other browser, is not an option, and it is not possible to add another browser in the app’s settings. I suppose it might be possible to trick the client into thinking that Brave is Chrome, but not with the options available to me in the GUI. Using the default Mail client in iOS is even worse: it just defaults to Safari, and doesn’t even offer the option to use Chrome, much less Brave.

So, I have to copy-and-paste the link to Brave, in order to visit the site linked-to in the e-mail using the Brave browser. I’m willing to do this, but some people might not be. Or they might be willing, but like me, would find it ever so much more convenient to just tap the link and have it open in Brave.

I would like to know if any e-mail clients are specifically recommended for use with Brave. There seem to be a lot of e-mail clients out there, and I’m not sure which one to try next. When I’m on a desktop, I’m check e-mail using Brave for Linux using the email provider’s web interface. But when I am on the go, I find it very convenient to check e-mails on an iOS mobile device, and I I find this much easier when I use an e-mail client app, instead of the e-mail provicer’s web interface.

So are there any recommendations if I want e-mail links to open in Brave?

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Welcome to the forum @josemonero :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, opening links through other browsers in Gmail for iOS is unavailable, since it’s controlled by Google.

Since I don’t have an iOS device, I can’t really provided advice here. It would be better if you ask for recommendations at the Brave Community website. Another thread which includes the same details you mentioned has been answered - https://community.brave.com/t/brave-cant-be-selected-to-open-links-from-email/22121/2

Hope this helps!

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