Drugs - How the Government is Failing

I think the global response to the war on drugs is killing so many people.
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Drug houses, specifically Meth houses are run by under cover police or covert police operators, however you want to term it. The police ran out any criminal drug dealers because they are coining it in off these meth houses that are generating them figures like $100,000 per month, I would say easily.
There are no meth cooks in the country these days, Chinese meth comes direct through border security. The experience of having one of these young policeman drug dealers moving in next door was horrendous. He called himself by a false name of course. Police look for youngsters in police academys to target for these roles. He was recording all his drug dealing on a bank of 12 cameras and serving 300 people a week. It was awful. Police in uniform came to try to make me leave my house. I refused. Corruption in police in Australia is I would guess at all time highs lol, no pun intended. They are coining it in and getting police pay on top. The police drug dealer assaulted me viciously before he left. Police did nothing to assist me, why would they. They are laughing all the way to the bank. Destroying the fabric of society with these debilitating products targets at low income people and condoning their children to what I consider a stolen childhood. Drug War? Whose army eh?

Do you think, if regulated and legalized, the same problems could exist?