Drugs - How the Government is Failing

I think the global response to the war on drugs is killing so many people.
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Drug houses, specifically Meth houses are run by under cover police or covert police operators, however you want to term it. The police ran out any criminal drug dealers because they are coining it in off these meth houses that are generating them figures like $100,000 per month, I would say easily.
There are no meth cooks in the country these days, Chinese meth comes direct through border security. The experience of having one of these young policeman drug dealers moving in next door was horrendous. He called himself by a false name of course. Police look for youngsters in police academys to target for these roles. He was recording all his drug dealing on a bank of 12 cameras and serving 300 people a week. It was awful. Police in uniform came to try to make me leave my house. I refused. Corruption in police in Australia is I would guess at all time highs lol, no pun intended. They are coining it in and getting police pay on top. The police drug dealer assaulted me viciously before he left. Police did nothing to assist me, why would they. They are laughing all the way to the bank. Destroying the fabric of society with these debilitating products targets at low income people and condoning their children to what I consider a stolen childhood. Drug War? Whose army eh?

Do you think, if regulated and legalized, the same problems could exist?


Please don’t think I was being ignorant and not answering.
I am happy that you sent me a question but I am so sick atm, I was not able to answer it, I am afraid.

In May 2018 a Dentist Christiana Lee, I think her name is, infected me with a parasite disease - Norwegian Crusted Scabies st St Patricks Community Centre in Fremantle, Western Australia whilst undertaking a free dental procedure, it went wrong.

I cannot get any treatment from the government. I am being eaten alive, my boy dog is too, it killed his 14 year old mum in April 2019. My research uncovered the nature of my condition. 20 doctors, 10 dentists & 100 medical appointments in the 2 year period. They all failed to diagnose me, now they fail to treat me. This is murder by government through the arm of health’care’ services. I don’t know if I will survive. Untreated toxic shock can kill in 3 days apparently.
So about the question. Drugs were not the important thing. It is danger from government and those working in it. That are manipulating systems in society so as to hurt & harm people instead of serving & protecting people, that needs talking about, uncovering and CHANGING, I expect that would have been what I was on about anyway. That is what I see. I hope you are very well.
Best regards mate

Drugs is only one aspect of bureaucratic perversity.

Drug testing at parties, being offered to kids with drugs, that they were planning to take, saved kids from taking drugs that were mock ups. That empowered kids to make choices (good ones) independently. That is education & persuasion instead of hidden worlds of coercion.

Drug taking not drugs is what I think you are really referring to…guessing a bit there but anyway.

Removing -Hopelessness in marginalised people or society without economy offering employment and education, is how to stop drugs harming people.

A macro look. If kids have jobs, education, chance to succeed in fulfilling lives, drugs will find no home in those people.

Drug users seek escape from unpalatable lives, drugs make them feel good for a while, while their lives make them feel bad they will want drugs. There is a market for drugs in saddend, not happy, satisfied, productive people.

National government underpins all of the way this is currently laid out. Structural we are currently disposd towards pervisity across our social systems, the resulting frustration is food for fat cats.

We get and big pharma, supermarkets & diet salons & supplements feast on our misery, for instance. Diabetes is escalation of sugar intake, there is sugarin bacon? Annual prewar consumption 40llb a year up to 120llb a year, for instance, to sell expensive diabetic meds. Now its banana size stomachs for $10k & pills for life! bs
Systems of government are not set as the status quo would have you believe.

We can change how things work. It can be also be changed overnight. As a decried advocate for One World Government, I will put my head on the platter once more. A global government managing earth as a whole could address, drugs, pandemics, global warming ( see how the later includes swear word global lol). If Corona brings people to one-world-government, such a government could put resources into drug ghettos to create jobs, housing, good lives to lead etc. I live in a drug ghetto in Perth Western Australia. Poor people with ruinned lives being operated by corrupt police. There are areas where police are good and uphold the law.
However Murdoch police are corrupt, especially Major Crime there. They (Murdoch police) have failed to protect me in the locality where I have been living. They ruin my community with Meth brought in ready made from China. And take police pay too. The tripple C should make it there job to get them. I now a nice man in CCC Corruption & Crime Commission. I know how busy they get there. Good job that they do.
The bosses are the bad or worst involved, the foot soldiers have no option but to follow orders, poor coppers; joined to serve & protect end up pervertedly destroying instead. If any want to man up and confirm crookedness, I believe they should be given immunity from prosecution and maybe even keep their jobs. A demotion perhaps. The big bosses are taking the big cut. They should pay it back and go to jail.

I am too busy trying to make Australian politicians listen to my health drama snd save me and my dog so I cannot guess when if I will see anyone’s comments (if they do). I hope you and others will and I hope I get to see them. I think Norwegian Crusted Scabies is the most terrorfying thing I have ever known. God is my saviour.