Do you play cryptogames

Which games are you guys playin?

Im playing
cryptokitties. You can collect cats, bread and sell them for ethereum.
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here is my 2 favorit kitties.
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Axie-infinity: a game i started by misstake. I thought you could walk/play around with your pet, but not. (its coming tho). This game is a card strategy game. You pic 3 characters and putting them in a fight simulator. You can level up your pets. Also cost to buy pets.
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And last one, the game i play most: Cryptomibs. Its a early stage game where you can play “snake” and a other game where you can win tickets to play more. If you are lucky you win “mibs”. Mibs is worth ethereum. But to start play the game you have to buy mibs for ethereum.
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Please share your cryptogames, Fun to see what more its out there.


hey @Vonh – awesome topic right here!

You mentioned Axie-infinity – how did you start this by mistake? Do you have a link to this game?


EDIT ive updated with a link in first post. NOTICE there is an affiliate link there to, so if you dont want go through my affiliate link there is another link there to. You cant miss it. :slight_smile:

I was looking around for some fun to do when putting my kids to bed. And i found a thread somewhere that mentioned Axie infinity so i went in to it. At homepage it looks like you can play around with those pets. ADHD hitted me and i joined and bought 3 of those cute animals. I think it took me 2 days to realize that you cant play around with them. Ive read somewhere they are developing so you can use your animals in their terrarium.

So my recommendations is to read everything before buying something. If you cant afford it it can end up bad.


Hello . The phoneum coin has a bunch of different games and a bunch of different coins up for grabs. Crypto treasures is good.

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Nice, do you have a link?

The main part of the game in in the cave. Try completing quests . If u need a hand shout me.

That game is the worst thing ever happened to this world. I tried it for a couple of weeks ago. Is that an affiliate link?

I don’t know. I got the link from in-game. . Yer I thought at first it was a borring repetitive game. I nearly deleted it. But now I’ve got to the point I don’t want to lose what progress I’ve made lol

The phoneum coin is an interesting one. There is s few different programs where u can mine/earn. I am interested more than anything to see if it keeps on growing in the future it could really improve .

Okej :slight_smile: Thank you for the tip. But please don’t send affiliate links. If it comes from in game its 100% sure an refer link.

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What is it about those type of links that are bad. Just so I understand

I use to. I was a crypto-fiend and tried to start before I ended up with … earning/mining crypto is dang near impossible for the average person at this point, in my opinion. Trading is all that’s left if you want to make money.

I just started with my first breeding pair today! Heard all about it for years obv, but only just stumbled on it and, I admit it, I allowed myself to go for it. I mean, I already knew there was going to be no going back :wink:

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I also play this before. But in Trustwallet.


I play crypto games like or poker and other gambling games lucknano nanogames and so on… what games do you guys play