Do we lose our BAT when sending tips from our mobile phone to ourselves?

It is another try: Do we lose our BAT when sending tips from our mobile phone to ourselves? Many users are doing it because uphold is not integrated into the mobile version.
Is it allowed or not? what happens if someone self-tipped?

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yes,i think tip is a type of donation!! you can donate your most preferred author, social activist etc.


Yes, that is the way it is supposed to be. But some are doing it because we are not able to withdraw BAT from mobile phones, android and apple. That is the reason why some (I read it in internet) are giving the tips to themselves using Twitter or youtube.


there is uphold apps.have first than verify with your bank account. and enjoy.


It only works for desktop at the moment, NOT for mobile


NO, there is android uphold apps. you may use’s a cool apps. you may buy any currency and sell them with it.


Why don’t u tip others instead

Is here anyone who understands me?


I tagged the stuff, when nobody answers I don`t need this forum!

Hello @Xilef,
Apologies for late response.

I, personally, would not suggest to do self-tipping. It may (or may not) trigger the anti-fraud system.

Development can take times. I would like to wait patiently, kept it in my brave:rewards wallet, until the withdrawal functionality is implemented.

Or the other default option, use it to support your favorite creators. That way, we can help to make the ecosystem works.

But as far as I’m aware of, there’s no restriction for BAT that you earned from Brave Ads. Because it’s yours.

But maybe BAT/Brave staff have more clear answer – yes, I’m only contributor.

Some of the staff is not available ATM AFAIK. cc @chriscat for additional answer and/or correction.


Thank you very much for this information! It is very useful and also important to know what fraudulent activities are.

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What does he mean is up to now that does not work with mobile version of the browser, only desktop version (W/M/L), that is about to verify brave/Bat wallet and been linked to uphold in order to withdraw the token earned every month.

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I do hear you Budd, i haven tried tipping myself yet , suddenly my tokens vaporated from my mobile wallet. i disabled the automated tipping (while i didn’t address any c.c for that which is weird).

I have known some creators that i would like to support them , in the same time i want them to join this roject, do you where do i start introduce them to it, because they seem not into cryptoworld yet.

You can share the links below:

And additionally

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