Different Ways of Web Monetization without Relying on Ads

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I wanted to check in with you guys to find out about everyone’s efforts in terms of using ways to monetize online content without using advertising.

Personally, it is my goal to keep my blog completely ad-free (apart from users who opted-in for Brave Rewards and seeing ads), therefore I have been looking into different methods to monetize a blog without ads. Those include light forms of affiliate marketing, Buy Me A Coffee, Brave Rewards, and Coil. I collected the information in an article on my blog to share with others: https://consistentme.com/monetize-blog-without-ads

Are you aware of other methods? Have you seen any results from it so far and for what kind of content?

I would love to hear about it! :raised_hands:


Good article.

I would say that I generally don’t mind ads (and I’m primarily speaking here from the perspective of podcasts) if they are minimal, carefully selected, and I am under the impression that the content I’m there to consume isn’t somehow being shaped by the advertisers.

I like the way Eric Weinstein approached the advertising conundrum. (His podcast is called The Portal.) He had the opportunity to take up the offer of a rich benefactor to finance the show. However, he wanted the show to stand on its own merits (which also meant it required advertisement money). Instead of having the usual suspects when it comes to podcast advertisers, he began to reverse advertise products/services that he liked without their prior knowledge. Word got back and some of them decided to enter into an advertising relationship with him.

Ultimately, I suppose the result is the same for the listener - we’re still listening to an ad - but it was a novel approach that, at least in my case, traded on my good will towards the host. “He seems like a decent guy and he likes this product/service enough to recommend it without receiving immediate payment. So maybe it’s worth checking out.”

Ads can be acceptable if done in a tasteful way.

I would fire you a few BAT but I’ve none left this month :blush:

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That is a very cool approach to advertising and one that I would also fully approve of. There are actually a few creators (mainly on YouTube), who have found a great way to incorporate advertising into their content, without making it feel like it’s only to sell. Truly recommending stuff they would use themselves, while showing the community this will help to support their efforts to continue creating.

The reverse advertising approach seems genius to me, especially when you managed to build a following for your content, so that the “advertisers” (still unaware of it happening in the beginning), will also see an impact from the creator’s effort.

Thanks for your input and feedback!


Eric Weinstein borders on genius - at least from the perspective of a dummy like me. He’s a crazy smart guy and well worth a listen.

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