Decentralized everything

So take/invent something like Urbit to provide true p2p without NAT restrictions and with fault-tolerant evaluation model.

Brave browser/desktop = always running platform. Network node will be up and running all day. So you provide/run p2p on top of it.

Integrate it with BAT payment system. I want to be able to write brave plugins/apps that provide paid service, I also want to be able to pay others’ services with my BAT.

Create social network on top of it, or skype-like (original skype, not centralized one) communication system. Charge for membership in BAT in proportion for incoming traffic (separately for media?). Pay nodes to host/cache content thus increasing its availability.

With Brave, you already have fleet of cloud computers (desktop browsers, however unreliable), you don’t pay for traffic/hardware, you need to provide incentive for NON-social-network users to install browser plugin and share their storage/bandwidth/cpu for caching.

Right now I have $0.3/month with current brave ad rewards. I have computer with spare resources. I would provide my facilities for another $2/mo. If it is not enough, if I had headless brave, I would host it on my router+hdd for another $5/mo.

Technically challenging, but possible. Look what other distributed project try to achieve. In contrast, you already have mostly everything.

In the world of centralized web, decentralized movement is gaining attention. Lead it, raise awareness.

Will it work? Similar projects? Let me know.

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