CRED Earn does anyone know about cred in uphold and how does it work ?!


not gonna lie, i don’t use that function


thank you maybe some other folks knew about this ,

Never used that but have BTC earning 5% on and Dealt with these two sites since they started…

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I have that too and quite nice for me

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Cred stretches across several platforms and is able to interpret several client protocols. Using it independantly of uphold ik it works. But integratimg the protocoks for one singal client from thier platform I dont know much.

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oh thank you I just give it a try …the contract is 6 month 10% interest per month

can you give more details?

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Haven’t tried it, but I’d rather use’s “Earn” feature. You can get up to 10% for staking stablecoins and 18% for their token.

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hi I just click the cred earn at the uphold wallet and they send me on their site you can see there .they have agreements that they will hold you asset for 6 month you can earn 10%monthly interest for it,they gonna send automatically to your uphold wallet .

sorry this wrong information not 10% its 3per annum just them carefully now.

Screenshot please. Sorry for being too pesky :smiley:

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Interesting in fact, how much minimum amounts they ask for ??

that’s fine and sorry I go wrong for myself too I just read careful now thats there is two kinds of premium and base and mine was on base and it’s not 10%per month it turns out 3 % per annum

I hope this will lighten up sorry for the wrong info I said earlier

in any amount you can lend to the in 6m contract