Create a mining system on brave browser?

Hey guys, I had an idea:

what about create a mining system directly in the browser, like brave rewards, wich we could use to mine bat or others cryptos, such as the ETH?

Tell me what do you think about that! :slightly_smiling_face:

have a nice day!

Hi @SpidFightFR, how do you picture something like this working?

If it was me, a stand-alone mining rig might be better! :slight_smile:

Maybe, someone could create a integrated miner with Brave that allowed mining ether with your rigs (GPU & ASIC) where it tracked hashrate, rewards, & rejection rate. The miner on the browser could pool all the miners on the browser to make a BAT Ethereum pool. Also, it could distribute the amount of BAT divided by the total amount of ether distributed by block rewards ( currently would be 4.23 BAT/ Block found.)

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The challenge with this would be that Brave blocks online miners by default. :slight_smile:

Are there presently group mining applications that may be a good fit for this?


Hi guys, I don’t know technicall details of mining, but if there’s an miner added into brave directly, it could be very cool…

But if someone know if we can add one, tell me! :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice day!

@SpidFightFR Probably won’t add something like that to Brave. Imagine that running on a laptop… that would wreck your battery. :slight_smile:

This would be best suited as an external application, outside of Brave. There are some applications out there that focus on this!

i agree with you, but imagine, we could have an option in brave setting (disabled by default) an if some people who like mining (like me), wold like to activate thi process, he can.

But if we do this, We should make a warning message like “mining is very ressource expensive, do NOT activate it with low end pc or laptops.”, or something like that…

All of that combined with a little scan (or something) wich tells you if you can or cannot launch the mining with your pc.

I’ll understand if it is not possible, but some apps like RobotCache (a steam like app) let us mine (if we want ) to gain some crypto to buy games, the same thing with brave could be a plus for brave rewards… :thinking:

But if it is not possible, i’ll understand…
thanks for your replies and have a nice day ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe it will defeat the sheer purpose of getting attention If a mining option or system will be added to the Brave browser as BAT or Basic Attention Token is designed to be exchanged between users, advertisers, and publishers and content creators and it is based on an unusual concept, although one that is critically important to advertising companies operating in the digital age: USER ATTENTION. :blush:

Just an opinion.

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You can always just run a separate mining software on your machine, so I am not sure why it should be integrated into the browser itself, unless it was related to BAT. However, BAT is not mineable in the first place!

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hi guys,

A mining software in brave could help us getting eth or btc or whatever but not only bat…:slightly_smiling_face:

because the bat wasn’t created for mining. But yeah, i don’t think that implementing a mining software in brave could be possible…:thinking:

It’s just a bit complicated for a person like me, who would try mining, to find a software adapted (ther’s plenty of them…) and configurate it…

It’s just that when i see a software like robotcache with it’s own mining system, easy to manipulate, i thought that we could do the same thing for brave…:thinking:

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Hi guys i have an idea,

You know, we have a crypto wallet in brave, but it’s a bit useless compared to uphold or coinbase…

And this is sad for me…
Why not adding some features, like, idk, mining? :wink:

No to be serious i think that this wallet needs more features like btc blockchain or other…:thinking:

What do you think about that?
Let me know!

Have a nice day!:ok_hand::+1:

When Brave was in it’s early days, we did have Bitcoin used to tip sites but it was very expensive per transaction and slow. The Bitcoin aspect was used as a proof-of-concept.

Perhaps in the future we will offer different features like holding BTC, but it’s not going in that direction at the moment. We’re focused solely on BAT at the moment.

Have you checked out the wallet features under brave://wallet/home.html in your browser?

yeah I tested it recently…
Like I said i’m not verry convinced by it because like I said, compared to uphold, or coinbase, this wallet is not very usefull (for me…)…
but i think that it’s a WIP project so i’ll wait…

I think, that the btc cash could be more usefull than the btc classic… :thinking:

@SpidFightFR Our wallet is designed to reward publishers/creators and users of the browser for receiving ads. That’s our use case at this time. As of now, it’s doubtful there will be other tokens/currencies added.

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Okay i understand.:wink:

in conclusion the name of the topic is “create a mining systame on brave” so the main idea (if i have correctly understood) is that a mining system will not be added in brave, is that right? :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:

(like this we can eventually close this topic, for giving space for others… :wink:)

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@SpidFightFR Correct, there will be no mining system added to Brave. :slight_smile: