Contributions for Spanish Speakers


For tomorrow’s meetup I have modified a couple of images of Brave to have them in Spanish (I hope there’ s no problem with the modifications.), I share the images and tomorrow when I finish the presentation I will also pass it if it helps someone.
I have tried to do my best, if you see something wrong or something that is not right, please let me know to correct it, we can all have documentation in Spanish.


There’s no problem with translating the material as long as it’s accurate! :slight_smile:

This is great, and I’m happy you’re sharing this with the group.


Yes, I have tried to do my best :sweat_smile:, that’s why I commented that if someone sees something wrong or some image that is missing, let them know to create more content.
I’m also happy to belong to this great project. :raised_hands:


This is the presentation that I used for yesterday’s Meetup, I hope it helps to someone

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Thank you for sharing @wimel !


Another image more!! :star_struck:



And I create a guide in github (Spanish es_ES) to be a creator with a web.


@Dan Could we open a thread or Category in Spanish for contributions and doubts? :thinking:
This way we would have everything more organized.
Thanks in advance!! :raised_hands:


@wimel This is a good idea. One thing I was thinking of is having the Regional Leader forums for each continent (Europe, North America, etc.) which could help with this.

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@wimel For now, could you post under ?


Yes sure!! thanks!! :raised_hands: