Connect uphold wallet to Android App and report bug

Hello first post here
I’m using Brave since 5 month and i’m plenty satisfied about the privacy and the BAT system.

I synchronized 3 wallets in my 3 PC with Uphold no problem.
But i can’t do it on the mobile app (yes i’m using the app too)
Maybe a future update ?

Part 2
i have a reccurent bug that very annoying but i just have to end task and relaunch the app to make it stop.
here is a screenshot of the problem :

you can see that i have only 4 tabs open in brave but in the manager task a ton of ghost tabs are taking power on my computer…

Hope the problem will be solved :slight_smile:

@Gabriel welcome!

#1 yes, mobile support for wallet verification is in the plan.

#2 not a “bug”, but expected behavior. Brave use multiple processes. One for main process, other for tab/s, extension/s, etc.


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