Confusion about my wallet and Uphold account balances

Hi there!

I just recently took care to set up everything required for Brave Rewards and now I’m in a position where I don’t really understand what’s happening in terms of my BAT balance and wallets.

Right now, I’m looking at three different balances in three different places where I seem to hold same BAT:

  1. I received two tips from other users, which directly went into my Uphold wallet:

  2. The balance when clicking on the Rewards icon is showing me also a small balance, of which I have no idea where it came from and when:

  3. The balance in the Brave Rewards settings after logging in is showing me this, again I have no idea where those 4.75 BAT came from and I’m not sure where to track it down to its source:

Can someone please shed some light into this matter for me, I would like to understand exactly where all my BAT are collected in the end and how to find out where it came from.

Thanks in advance for any help! :blush:


Did anyone download the browser from your referral link?


Hi @consistentbenny

I’m not an expert or dev, but a long-time Brave user. I suppose you are using Brave on various devices, I for example use it on my phone, tablet and laptop. Only my laptop, Brave is connected to my Uphold wallet. On my phone and tablet, I keep getting BATs as rewards for viewing ads in (each browser seperately), and on the 5th of each month, those ‘earnings’ are then credited to your ‘browser wallet’. On your laptop, if you type brave://rewards/ in the address bar, and then click on ‘7 day ads history’, you can see for which ads you earned BATs. Hope that helps!


Bat is reward so you are rewarded. it is a share of Brave earning. It comes from,
your referral link of brave download, if some one downloads brave from your link.
if you watch brave ad.
if you connected with brave community. and so on. you are congratulated on earning.


Yes, but only recently and this did not turn into a payout yet. I remember now that someone said he’d sent me 5 BAT through my website, so that’s where the 4.75 BAT are coming from! :blush:

So I understand now, that everything from Brave Rewards goes into the Browser wallet? Is it then automatically transferred to Uphold at some point or does it stay in the browser?

But how is it possible that someone sent me a tip directly to Uphold? How is this being done by someone else?



  1. your received tip
  2. current BAT balance in your Uphold account
  3. your referral balance

your ad balance, referral balance and tip will be sent to your Uphold account, once a month

  1. if you want to see your referral earning details
    click view statements

    and then
    click view
    new 02

That makes sense. Still confused about having received some tip directly to my Uphold account then.

How can you do this?


no one can send tip directly to Uphold


I received 2 tips directly to Uphold:

I think they were coming from @kiwibloke, maybe he can explain how he did it? :blush:



as long as i know no one can send tip directly to your uphold account

still i am not receive any tip
so sorry about that, i don’t know clearly about this


yeah, you got it. carry on.

Still awaiting @kiwibloke’s reply on how he did it! :blush:


hi Ben, I know Phil @kiwibloke. he lives a few miles from me, in New Zealand. he’s a regular Twitter BAT tipper. since you have set up your Twitter account to take BAT tips, these get sent to your Uphold account. nothing sus about this as I get tips from my Twitter account too.


@consistentbenny if the user (tipper(?)) have a verified Uphold account connected to their brave:rewards wallet, their tip will be sent directly to receiver (your) Uphold account IIRC.


I can’t get rewards. I don’t know how does It


I receive ads, but my account is 0


@ianballantine & @consistentbenny sorry been a bit busy lately. I see @eljuno has already answered this, who is very helpful on this platform.

As most of my online activity is through my desktop computer, setting up BRAVE and UPHOLD was straight forward. Tipping/Donating through BRAVE is as simple as clicking on the symbol Brave Rewards top menu for Brave, or the symbol for each post.

All BAT tokens I earn through Brave Rewards I pass on …


My Mobile Brave Browser Balance Reduce Why ?


you need to turn off auto contribute


After the end of month, you will find your total reward on your balance. Keep going man!! have to earn a lot.