Clicking on "Withdraw Funds" redirects but doesn't withdraw

When I go to the Rewards section, I can see that my wallet is verified (top left corner), and that I have BAT on the browser. I also see the “Withdraw Funds” button:

When clicking on “Withdraw Funds”, I am redirected to uphold where I can see that there is a new card named “Brave Browser.” The issue is that it has 0.00 BAT:

I was looking around on uphold, but couldn’t find any place. There’s no transaction pending, and no history or anywhere that references the Brave Browser (apart from the card with a 0.00 balance).

Some additional information: I am verified both with Brave and Uphold, I live in the US, and I’ve been using the Brave Browser for a few months (the amount shown in the picture above is the sum of 3 months).

The difference between this issue and other similar questions on the forum (like this one) is that in my case, it doesn’t even say that there’s a pending transaction.

Am I missing a step? Or is there something that I should do differently? Thanks!


yes! I’m having the same problem!

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You are seeing a 0 balance right now in Uphold because older earnings haven’t been migrated over to Uphold accounts yet (only self-funded BAT and anything you’ve earned after connecting your Uphold account). The migration should take place by Nov 1st, 2019 (in a few days), so you should then see it in your Uphold account!

From our FAQ on Reddit:

Note (as of Oct 3, 2019): Some ad earnings balances from previous months may not appear in your linked & verified Uphold account immediately. Previous ad earnings balances will be automatically transferred by November 1st, 2019, while all previously self-funded BAT should appear immediately.

cc: @cradsz1


Thank you for sharing this!