Change Spreading Strategy - Spread like Covid-19

Structurally brave browser is like covid 19 for traditional internet ecosystem.

First time in history, Brave Browser, included internet users and content creators in income pie and encouraged large platforms to share their advertisement revenues with users and creators

Since large platforms have been fighting for this sweet income since the day they were founded, they will not easily share it,

Many websites already treats brave browser like virus. You have to close advertisement blocker in order to see website content.

So, instead of controlled spread why dont you choose to spread like an epidemic.

Why you prefer to generate additional revenues for content creators who have over 1 million followers instead of spreading among users.

With this strategy, brave rewards are flowing to coin exchange markets rather than spreading among users,

Make it easier to get a reference link,

Firstly give Brave Rewards, after than blockade it for 30 days. This will encourage referance guys.

Focus on viral advertisements that users can retweet easily.

Organize brave rewards for users.
Amateur photograpers, video montage, caps rewards… Focus on funny things.

For example organize coffin dance video awards. Choose the funniest video and spread it with brave logo. etc…

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With more people using the Brave Browser, seems silly for websites to block these users. In order to grow, shutting out users is not the right way to run a website.

This is subject really belongs on Brave Community forum.

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