Can't get my BAT Tokens

Hello guys,

In 2 months i can’t get my Bat tokens. What did i missed?

Here is screenshots.

I need help, thank you.bat

Hello, this error message says that you have an auto-contribution to send, but your balance is not high enough.

You can check your auto-contribute settings in brave://rewards under Auto-Contribute, and also disable Auto-Contribute if you prefer only to tip.

Also, make sure you have updated your browser to the latest version (see brave://help). You can view all your pending tips, and cancel them if you like so you stop receiving this message.

Click on “see all pending contributions” in your Rewards Summary:

And this screenshot.

Hello @TakeshiKovacs, please note that:

  1. Your account on has nothing to do with your Brave Rewards wallet inside the Brave browser.

  2. In order to get rid of the “insufficient balance” error, please disable auto-contribute in brave://auto-contribute or dismiss the message for this month.

Can you let us know how much BAT you have in your balance at this time?