Cannot add funds without verifying

Perhaps there is limited demand for this, but I want to add funds in order to donate to different sites, but do not want to verify my wallet in order to do this.
Seems like this is an accidental restriction?

Congratulations on 1.0

Please use this area of the forum to discuss the technical elements of Brave and BAT!

Note: We do not provide support in this forum. If you require tech support with Uphold, Brave payments, the Brave browser, Brave wallets, or monthly BAT payouts, please go to the Brave Community forum for assistance. The support staff there can help you with issues. We do not have support staff on this forum and cannot help with these issues.

Thanks @mud appreciate that! Yup we are routing people to the Brave Community with regards to tech support with Uphold, Brave payments, the Brave browser, Brave wallets, or monthly BAT payouts and other stuff that’s out of our hands.

Still, we are doing what we can to be of assistance. You know, sometimes people don’t like being routed too much. :sweat_smile: The waiting and all that. Adding a touch of customer service, a little helping hand and sharing of knowledge wont hurt. This is a BAT and brave community after all, and we are all here to help each other. Consider this an extention where additional support is provided and an avenue where people can still get help when need to.



@markramos118991 – thank you for helping here! :grinning:

@mud It’s awesome to hear that you want to add funds to donate to your favorite creators! :clap:
If you wish to add funds, you’ll need to use Uphold to do this. If open up Brave Rewards, there is an “Add Funds” button. You’ll need an account to do this.

We’ll look for different ways to integrate in the future. Until then, have you thought about turning on ads, receiving BAT that way, then donating the BAT back to your favorite creators?

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Hi Dan and Mark,
Thanks for the replies I am hoping you will make it a priority to allow deposit of funds without the unneeded KYC.
I consider BAT payments as an important model for general micro payments for media content and blurring into charitable donations. For instance I donate to wikipedia and would much sooner do this via BAT than Visa. I also see it as a replacement for Patreon if I can tip larger amounts for articles.
I think it is a real missed opportunity to grow the BAT and crypto ecosystems. The BAT/ brave model is perfect for on boarding new users as it provides low friction payment and delays the need to buy crypto until people see the value in payments.

Thank for the awesome work. It is fantastic to see the constant progress.

Due to law, we have to use KYC to deposit or withdrawal funds. Perhaps that could change at some point, but it will remain a requirement for some time.

You could turn on Brave Rewards, accumulate BAT that way, then donate what you wish to Wikipedia and other sites that way.

I’m with you. It’s super easy to donate with BAT than Visa. Too much friction with a credit card. Using BAT to tip for articles would be great as well, not to mention other premium content, like they do on Patreon.

What other items do you suggest?

Also, if you want to get tipping, did you see our Giving Tuesday campaign?

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