Calling out ALL Nigerians (and Africans) in the BAT community

Hi guys,

So I don’t really do New Year resolutions any more for obvious reasons(I never keep them), however, I’d like to think that this is as close to one that I would commit to and that is to lead Nigeria by joining in on sticking it to the big tech companies who target African countries by turning us into statistics, data mining hubs and helpless targets for their ads especially for things that are more often than not unrelated to our living reality.

I’d like to use this platform to call on all of us to follow this topic and begin forming an all inclusive community which we will use to share ideas on how to ensure that every home and community get to learn about the awesome BRAVE BROWSER and the visionary ideas behind it. But not stopping here, we should create a community of support where we can work together by sending links to ourselves on our YouTube channels, Twitter for those how have businesses and products to showcase, Facebook business pages, Instagram as well. This initiative is to support each other by following such links and if it meets our expectations and likes, we support such content creators by sending BAT to them. For starters, here is the link to my twitter page for a business I started:

Check out TEKTITE INVESTMENTS LTD (@LtdTektite):

Please note that this is not my Brave download referral link as I do not encourage posting that how ever we can support each other with BAT, follow each other, contribute in the BAT community by suggesting ways we can further earn more BAT to improve our selves, our earnings and of course make the Brave browser more popular in Nigeria (and Africa) over the like of Google chrome, Firefox etc.

I’m waiting for your support and responses how ever long it takes. I am here, Braving it out.


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This is a good notice bro, I’m also a creator from Nigeria, to be honest, I was really missing out, Brave browser is one of the best Browsers i will personally download, it do almost all the things i want in a browser, but as a content creator i doubted it a little in the beginning, maybe because it blocks ads which is good for me when I’m the visitor but somehow bad for me when someone is visiting my site through brave, but then I found out that they offer another way for content creators to still get something out of their hard work and that was the important reason that make me fall in love with brave.
I am a web designer, blogger and Youtube creator one of my website is and my personal website is tsquare07 dot website I also agree with the person that open this thread that we Africans have to support Brave in their fight for Privacy and Respect on the Internet.

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