Buying Tron with Uphold

I bought Tron with Uphold and wanted to transfer it to my external wallet. And I couldn’t do that yet.
Only I can:

  1. Buy it and sell or
  2. Hold it

I am wonder, why it is so limited? Is anyone can explainđź‘‹?

what is tron ? do you get profit when you buy it or hold it

Here is Tron my firend, their website.

Actually you can get profit by buying it low and sell high.
In a different wallet like Trust Wallet you have the possibility to stack the Tron - I can not see the same with Uphold.

Of cours Uphold is a trading platform and wallet at the same time but Trust wallet is only a wallet.

Instead, Uphold uses the CredEarn 10% on your digital assets such as BTC, Ethereum, XRP, Euro, U.S.Dollar and Gold.