Bug Notice: BAT disappearing from balance after upgrade to Brave v1.3

Dear Brave Community,

We would like to acknowledge an issue where users are seeing their Brave Rewards BAT balances suddenly decrease, and another related issue where BAT from a single wallet (which is restored into multiple browsers) is not reflected equally across browsers.


In v1.3 of Brave, we introduced a new system, based on “blinded tokens” and Privacy Pass, to make the BAT tokens in your wallet even more private and untraceable. This change means that claimed BAT persists client-side and allows us to fully deprecate our legacy Brave Rewards privacy protocol.

While making this change, we had to build a legacy system translation service that would automatically create “blinded token BAT” in your browser in order to transition from the legacy system to the new “blinded tokens” architecture. However, it seems that some legacy BAT is not working as expected with this service, leading to an issue where the Brave Rewards wallet balance—which is configured to detect “blinded token BAT”—suddenly appears to decrease.

We are actively working to fix this issue and will roll out an update soon. So far, we believe no BAT will be lost (though we will issue BAT reimbursements in excess of any losses), and will need to upgrade both the Brave browser client and our servers in order to support legacy BAT as intended.

Wallet Syncing

In addition, we would like to note that from v1.3 onwards, as a result of the new protocol described above, users will no longer be able to share wallets by restoring the same recovery phrase into multiple browsers. The backup and restore functionality was meant to protect against potential data loss events, not for sharing wallets across browsers. With that in mind, we are working toward a proper Rewards sync feature for users who would like to share their Brave Rewards data across their browsers. In the meantime, you can always back up and sync your Brave Rewards balances using the Verified Wallets feature, which involves connecting an Uphold account to Brave Rewards. This is currently available on desktop, and soon for mobile.

We sincerely apologize and are working hard to issue a hotfix. If you were affected, please connect with Brave support at refunds@brave.com and include the information from your brave://rewards-internals (chrome://rewards-internals on Android) page so that we can use your history to better understand this legacy BAT issue.

Making up for lost BAT

Rest assured that Brave will make good if any BAT is lost, and then some. Stay tuned as we work towards a fix.

Thank you for your understanding,

—Brave Rewards Team