Browser and Uphold showing a different balance

Hi there!

In the Brave Browser I see the following balance:

To my understanding, that balance is linked to my Uphold account. However, when I click on the button to log into Uphold, this is the balance I have in Uphold:

It’s only 0.70 BAT there.

Where are the other 0.3 BAT and how can I access them?

This doesn’t make sense to me… :thinking:



If you have a publisher account
check the other BAT card
2 to 3 BAT cards available in the publisher’s account

I also have this, but this came from another user on this board. It doesn’t add up still.



May be it’s take some time

after Brave browser update,
i am also faced BAT and Ads count problem
after few hours later it will be update
every day its happen to me

shake it your mouse arrow few times in the brave reward panel
if nothing happened
wait few hours

Brave shows you the earning from ADS of the month, you cannot withdraw funds (the quantity shown there) until the payout date.

The Brave card shows you the actual quantity of BATs you have on your Uphold account.
The “Rewards” card shows you the actual quantity you have from the rewards.

So, the first image is showing you the BATs you have earned from ADS, the second image shows you where you deposited all your BATs, and the last one shows you BATs earned from rewards only.

No, the first image is showing you the balance that you have available already. On the new tab screen is where you see an estimate of your ad rewards for the current month. The counter when clicking the icon should be in sync with the “Brave Browser” card on Uphold, but it’s not.

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You’re absolutely right. I have Brave Browser in three different devices. I was never able to sync them. Each one shows a different pending amout and the one in my cellphone just made 2BAT in autodonations vanish from existence. The amount automaticaly transfered to the Uphold wallet never matches the sum of the three browsers. Two of the browsers are in computers, one in my cellphone. One of the computers stoped receiving ads and yesterday I found out that the link to review the received ads disapeared. The same link was never available in my cellphone.

There are a number of annoying bugs with ads and payments in Brave Browser. But I keep using it because it is really good in blocking unwanted ads and my privacy.

I hope the developers solve those issues asap, because the sum of all the tiny amounts people are loosing out there can be huge.

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Some users face the same problem
See the following link

Hi all,

Can you make sure you’re using the latest version 1.5.x?


I use the latest version ( Version 1.5.115 Chromium: 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit))